Anne Albright, Transcriptionist

Professional typing and transcription with a personal touch.

I am an experienced transcriptionist and administrative support specialist and have owned and operated an office and business support service, Albright Administration, since 1991.  

Before starting my business, I worked in production data entry, retail sales, as a receptionist, administrative secretary, office manager, and temped full-time for several years.  The variety and challenge of temp work was the inspiration for eventually launching an office and administrative support business. 

Transcription is something I love to do; it's usually interesting, and even when it's not, I learn something new.  I decided to freelance to be able to do more of it. Interviews, lectures, keynote speakers, and panel discussions all need to be transcribed, and the popularity of podcasts, webcasts, and online video means there is an increased demand for transcription.  Since transcription is flexible, it is an ideal way to work at what I like outside of my business.


I live in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When not working, I'm out walking with my two rescues; a German Shepherd Dog and a lovable Southern Houndie.  Independence National Park and Penn's Landing are our favorite places to be.